Saturday, February 6, 2010


Have been receiving a couple of emails asking about my whereabouts so I decided to come out of the darkness and give a shout to let you guys know that all is well and fine. Still can't find the comminment needed to continue breeding bettas.

Though I'm not breeding bettas, that hasn't kept me away from the water at all. As you guys know I've been into planted aquariums after my stint with bettas and boy... Planted Aquariums are just as educational and fun as breed bettas.

It has been around 2 years since my betta has spawned, sad to say most of them are now no longer around. From a spawn of about 200 bettas, I have 10 of them still swimming around =) and I am very happy to point out that their Mummy is still going strong! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

A good number of them succrumb to dropsy, most of them suffered from swim bladder disease during the later part of their lives. They are unable to sink and stayed afloat most of the time.
Life and death is part and parcel of live and with bettas they come and go a lot faster than us.

To all who use this site as a reference and guide to pick up this hobby, I thank you for trusting my collection of information.
To all who has visited and support, a great big thank you. And no, this isn't my parting away message, I will be posting an update of LFS that I have been visting frequently =)

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