Sunday, September 28, 2008 Stock Shop FAQs

I would like to thank all inquiry sent. Thank you for your support and interest in Stock Shop. To speed up the answers to your questions, I have compose this FAQ to answer some of the more common questions.

FAQ: Do you ship your betta/microworm overseas?
Answer: No. Unfortunately I do not intend to start an online payment scheme (anytime soon), as such overseas shipping is not possible. All sales are intended for local purchase; in Singapore only.
FAQ: Where are you located?
Answer: In the east, Bedok North.

FAQ: When can I make an appointment for viewing?
Answer: I am usually free after office hours and during weekends.

FAQ: Can I meet you and pick up my purchase from MRT stations or bus interchange.
Answer: No. Some buyers have left me stranded in stations. As of such all purchase will be made at my place.

FAQ: I am a really busy man, can you deliver to my place?
Answer: Yes, but additional charge will be billed. This is to compensate my traveling time and cost.

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