Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AFK for a little bit

I am sorry for the slow or rather no update to sgBetta.com for the past month. You see I've graduated from NTU sometime back in June and have started work around last month. So the spawning project will be put on hold until I've adjusted into the routine of day to day grinding.

I've also toyed with planted tanks 3 months ago and thus diverted a little attention towards that area.

I do not intend to wind up sgBetta.com anytime soon, so no worries regarding that. Updates will come eventually, even though they might be slow. Would like to thank all you guys for the support so far. Thank you!

Just some random pictures of my planted tank for your viewing. Enjoy :)


Isaac said...

Hey Bro!

Finally an update.. heh.
Love the way your tank is coming along.. how is the co2 set coming about?

Rav Tan said...

Well CO2 is a must when it comes to planted tank. I've seen some purist way of setting up low tech tanks without CO2. Results isn't very amazing.
How's your business coming along?

suavesexyjay said...

Hey I saw your blog... amazed, impressed and envy your passion. I like bettas too, used to buy them for $1 each last time but then no time to rear them so better not lose lives.

Cheers !

Rav Tan said...

Yea, would love to continue the journey but life's commitments are hard to ignore =)

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