Sunday, September 28, 2008 Stock Shop FAQs

I would like to thank all inquiry sent. Thank you for your support and interest in Stock Shop. To speed up the answers to your questions, I have compose this FAQ to answer some of the more common questions.

FAQ: Do you ship your betta/microworm overseas?
Answer: No. Unfortunately I do not intend to start an online payment scheme (anytime soon), as such overseas shipping is not possible. All sales are intended for local purchase; in Singapore only.
FAQ: Where are you located?
Answer: In the east, Bedok North.

FAQ: When can I make an appointment for viewing?
Answer: I am usually free after office hours and during weekends.

FAQ: Can I meet you and pick up my purchase from MRT stations or bus interchange.
Answer: No. Some buyers have left me stranded in stations. As of such all purchase will be made at my place.

FAQ: I am a really busy man, can you deliver to my place?
Answer: Yes, but additional charge will be billed. This is to compensate my traveling time and cost.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AFK for a little bit

I am sorry for the slow or rather no update to for the past month. You see I've graduated from NTU sometime back in June and have started work around last month. So the spawning project will be put on hold until I've adjusted into the routine of day to day grinding.

I've also toyed with planted tanks 3 months ago and thus diverted a little attention towards that area.

I do not intend to wind up anytime soon, so no worries regarding that. Updates will come eventually, even though they might be slow. Would like to thank all you guys for the support so far. Thank you!

Just some random pictures of my planted tank for your viewing. Enjoy :)