Sunday, August 10, 2008

F2 Betta Spawn: Unsuccessful

For some strange reason the male ate all the eggs up during the night (again). His belly was really bloated after eating all the eggs. Well at least I didn't have to wait too long to get a result this time. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment; I'm running out of ideas. I will be giving both the male and female betta a longer break this time, I do not want to over-exert either of them.


edmundhow said...

after you have mate them,why dont you remove the father after spawning then place a floating net for the eggs then put back the father to take care of baby.i know that they can get fungus but at least youstill save a small percentage of fries from getting eaten up.
i have never bred betta before so if you think this is rubbish then you can dont care about this idea of mine.i will not mind it.

sunnygirl64 said...

Well, I've been doing some reading about betta's on the web recently and they suggest that, if a male eats the eggs, that perhaps he's an inexperienced male and may need some "practice". They also say that if he continues to eat the eggs then it's time to get rid of him and try again with another.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons he ate the eggs could of been because they weren't healthy and they started to grow fungus on them. Also because he could of been inexpierenced and thought it was lunch time.lastly he could of eaten them bevause he thought they were dead because they hadn't hatched yet.(that's why you have to make sure the temperature is right-70 to 80 degrees)
Really what you should do is A)wait until the male has built a bubble nest, take him out, and put a different male in. B)switch the female and try again.(i switched my female and they spawned:))
Once they are done spawning(when the female doesn't release any more eggs) take her out because she is likely to eat the eggs.the eggs will hatch from one to three days.(24 to 72 hours)
Once they have hatched you will see little hair-like things hanging from the eggs.(you did it!:)) they will feed off the yolk in thier eggs for about one to two days. once they are free swimming(swimming diagnaly-straight) TAKE OUT THE MALE! they are now considered live should feed them infusoria for the first few days.
infusoria recipe:
take 3 or four soft pieces of lettuce and a banana peel and put in a jar with old tank water. leave it in the sun until it is cloudy and it smells but has a sweet/banana scent to it.then feed it to the fry!
once the first few days have passed start feeding them them live or frozen(you need to thaw it out and crumble it) foods like bloodworms and brine shrimp.then gradually move on to flake foods.
hope this helps!:)

Anonymous said...

he could of been really tired and needed the energy from the eggs.