Monday, August 4, 2008

Breeding Bettas: Live food cause male betta to consume fry?

It might be nonsense, but my Mum was suggesting that feeding live mini mealworms to the male betta might have gave him a liking to live food; thus consuming the newly hatched fry. I rejected the thought at first, but come to think of it, it might be true. I didn't feed any live food to my first breeding betta pair and all went too well on the first try.

Well there is no harm in conditioning the pair with good quality food and that's what I'm going to do. No live food for the male betta prior to breeding.

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cs said...

There might be some truth in what your mom said. I am new in keeping betta and accidentally breed them the first time around but none of the fry survive more than 2 weeks cause I am a total idiot in fry caring. So subsequently got excited and started trying to breed and keep those babies alive. Recently I had a blue veil tail which I left with its fry for close to a month. I didn't count the fry nor do I have food for them. I didn't clean the tank and I had plants in them which according to some website might just feed those babies. I just feed the daddy twice per day hoping that he will not eat the fry. Things seems fine till a friend suggested I cut up tubifex worm to feed the poor babies. I started and was happy that the baby finally had some food thought it was tought making sure that the father doesn't get to those shopped worm first. I can finally clean the tank, that's when I first counted close to 21 babies. But a few days later there were only 14 and no dead bodies of the fry. I was a bit curious but didn't think too much into it. On the 1st month anniversary of the surviving babies, I reallies there were 7 left. Than when I finally realise what feeding live food to the daddy would bring.