Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Showcase: Isaac's 10 liter Betta Biotope

About a month or 2 ago, Isaac sent me an inquiry; seeking a good quality Betta to start him off in this hobby of ours. Without hesitation I introduced him to the best Betta of my F1 spawn. When Isaac decided to purchase him, he was fondly named GrimJaw.

Unlike most Betta hobbyist, Isaac did not keep GJ in a clean and empty little cubicle. His setup includes a heavily planted and filtered 10 liter tank, creating a betta's biotope. I was sincerely impressed by Isaac's setup and enthusiasm when he sent me an email later, updating GJ's progress.

A month later Isaac sent me another update on GJ.

GJ has grown beautifully under Isaac's care. The fins are much fuller with stronger and more defined color. The scales have become more distinct. It is not easy rearing a fish to this quality in a month.

It is really impressive seeing how Isaac has planned and executed his setup and Betta keeping. The aesthetic value of a Betta in the biotope is priceless. I would like to thank Isaac for allowing GrimJaw and his biotope to be showcased in Do enjoy the rest of Isaac's setup.


An overview of Isaac's Biotope

Original "Wild" looking Biotope

New "Neater" Biotope

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gabrielaugustinquan said...

Hi my name's Gabriel and I've just began my Betta hobby. Like you...I used to have bettas as a kid....but,not knowing how to take proper care of them, my hobby died along with the fishes. Recently my interest in them was rekindled after a visit to one of the fish farms in Pasir Ris. My question is, how much will it cost me to set up a decent biotope like Isaac's?I would like my Bettas to grow well. I have three male betas and six females to date. Have tried breeding them but to no avail.