Thursday, July 10, 2008

sgBetta F2 Spawning Pair

After much consideration, I've selected a pair of butterfly betta for my F2 spawn. The F2 spawn is considered very interesting as hidden genes will criss-cross, producing a lot of variations. The F2 spawn should produce many fry that does not look like their parents, unless the gene line is pretty "pure".

I do hope I will be able to produce at least a pair of butterfly to continue a F3 spawn, but that's another bridge to cross later.

Currently I've been conditioning this pair for around 3 days. I've place them side by side and have started showing them off to one another for around 10 minutes a day. Beside this pair are flaring partners, to train their stamina up for the grudging courtship ahead. I allow them to flare around 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

A half hour rest is given after each flaring. This is followed by a nice protein rich meal. A mixture of frozen bloodworms, live mini mealworms and some TetraBits Complete.

As it stands now, I intend to introduce the male into the spawning tank on next Monday. Allow him 2 days to get accustomed to his tank and gain ownership of it. Once I feel both of them are ready, I will introduce them into the spawning tank. Stay tune and wish me luck!

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Isaac said...

Good luck bro!

Looking forward to your journey with your F2 fries.