Thursday, July 31, 2008

Second F2 spawning unsuccessful

Was pretty exciting to check the nest today but I did not like what I saw. The nest was gone, almost as if the male betta tore it down. There were no eggs in sight, non was there any sign of life.

Another failure, though there are improvements this time round. There are no visible fungus, which meant that the male had took good care of the eggs. And I did saw one, just one, dead fry drop from the nest. At least I know some fry hatched from the eggs. Obviously the male betta didn't know how to tend to the fry once they hatch, betta males are known to be very persistent; they will try jamming a dead fry back into the nest again and again, but for my betta case, he just let the dead fry drop to the ground. I have a strong feeling the male betta ate all the fry once they hatched. I tried feeding him a juicy mini mealworm but he took a sniff at the worm and ignore it; a sign that he has already eaten to his fill.

The remains of what looks like eggs/shells are scattered all over the tank's floor. The male seemed awfully exhausted or upset; he is lying around, sleeping.

No lucky at the female side too, no sign of eggs or life in the nest. Hopefully third time is a charm. Will restart the spawning in 1-2 weeks time, depending on the female. Hopefully this time the male will not destroy the fry.

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