Friday, July 18, 2008

Embrace over, spawning is a success.

Using natural spawning method, the pair courtship lasted a little over 13 hours. They started "practicing" their embrace around 11am and got it right at around 1.30pm. The embrace lasted four and a half hour, ending at 6pm. Each embrace lasted around 30 seconds with 8-10 eggs, though there are "misses" in some embrace. Overall the spawning only took about 24 hours, I would say this is a very fast and successful betta spawn.

The male tends to his nest, scouting the tank for intruders. As seen in the picture above, he gave me a fierce stare for taking a picture of the nest.

The female hid between a driftwood and ketapang leave after the embrace was over. She hid so well that the male had problems finding her, even took me a while to spot her. She was promptly removed to a 1 gallon tank for recuperation and good meals. Though the spawning was a relatively gentle one, one may find that her fins are quite badly tore. Not a problem if she's fed well in good water, betta's regeneration is pretty amazing. I've transfered females from community tank faring much worse than her condition.

Hopefully I'll see tails tomorrow and free swimming fry in 3 days.

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