Thursday, July 17, 2008

Conditioning Male Betta in the Spawning tank

This picture it can mean only one thing, spawning season is near. I've transfered the existing female community to a 3 foot tank. Our star is now claiming his territory in the spawning tank.

The setup is pretty textbook, a half cut styrofoam cup at 5 inch water line, with a non-toxic tape holding it in place. This time I'm using Anubias and a little duckweeds though. I've used Hydrilla for my F1 spawn.

The male is very interested in every object inside the tank, swimming around checking and biting. He even took a bite at a duckweed and spat it out, must have tasted really yucky. I guess he is part curious, part claiming his territory.

To be 100% honest, I can feel a sense of freedom and relief in him. Can't blame him, I would love to stretch my legs if I'm cramped up in a tiny cubicle for most of my life. Well if I had the time, space and cash, I won't mind giving each male a palace of their own, but reality is harsh.

This male is one untidy and lazy one, I am hoping that he will make a bubble nest inside the cup. Right now there are random bubbles all over the tank. Hopefully I'll get a pleasant surprise when I wake up later.

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