Saturday, June 21, 2008

Betta for Sale Singapore

I would like to thank all readers of for their overwhelming support! It has been a real pleasure meeting Betta lovers from all walks of life throughout my breeding experience. It's really satisfying reading the mail and exchanging information regarding our hobby. Thank you again for your support.

I have managed to find owners for most of my F1 spawn, I hope you guys are successful in breeding them. For many who took over them as pet, I hope you find great pleasure in this wonderful evergreen fish.

I have around 15 good and healthy males left and about 30 females. If you are interested in Betta keeping or would like to experience the wonderful pleasure of breeding them do send me an email ( to arrange for viewing. Once again thank you everyone for the support. I will be planning for my F2 spawn during July, stay tune :)


Isaac said...

For those who are thinking about purchasing a betta from sgbetta, think no further!

I bought one from him recently and its top notch. Friendly service and excellent after sales support.

Rav Tan said...

Thank Isaac,
Glad you're happy with GJ.
Thanks again for the comment :)