Monday, April 14, 2008

Betta Fungus Disease

I did a wrong diagnose of the disease my fry is suffering from. It is not fin rot but a severe case of Fungus attack. I am wavered between slime disease and true fungus. Anyone able to help?
All 3 fry seemed to be doing worse than early this morning. A lot more stringy strands hanging off their fins and their body is very moldy looking. I have increased the salt concentration in the tank and hopefully they get better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rav,
Ronald here.. Do update us about ur fries... hope they get well soon... all the best =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rav,

One of betta has fungus attack too. I just did 100% water change, added extra aq salt and added the simple Rid All's General Aid. The next day, the fish seems ok. Hope it helps

Rav Tan said...

Hi all,
Thanks for the advice. Latest update is that the 3 betta seemed to be doing better after tonight's water change with extra salt and medication. Bad news is ALL the jarred betta are suffering from mild case of fungus attack. Applied some medication to them too. I have stop adding ketapang extract, i suspect the fungus orignated from there.