Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Betta Fungus Attack Updates

The 3 fry seemed to be doing a lot better after 12 hours into the treatment. Did another 100% water change tonight and added 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 drops of OceanFree External Bacteria and Fungus Away to 0.5 of dechlorinated water, same dosage as the last treatment except; No more ketapang extract, I suspect the fungus are thriving in the extract itself.

Bad news is that ALL the other jarred bettas are suffering from mild case of fungus infection. Add the medication to them, hopefully that will cure the fungus attack. I don't want my whole community tank to come down with the infection too, so I added the medication to the tank, now all tanks are neon green, not nice....


Anonymous said...

Hi Rav,

Maybe you can try filling the tank with less water so as not to stress them so much by swimming to the surface for oxygen. Of course the medication dosage should be lesser also. Hope this helps.


Rav Tan said...

Hi Boey,
Thanks for the advice. I feel that's a double edge sword, storing them in 0.5 gallon already leaves very little buffer. Giving them anything less is only possible with very frequent water change like once a day. So unless one can commit themselves to this, I would not recommand that.
But since they are sick, you are going to do a water change everyday, so food for thought.
Thanks for the advice again :)