Thursday, April 10, 2008

9 Weeks old betta fry

I have separated all the males (hopefully) from the community tank and jarred them. Contradictory to popular beliefs, female bettas or at least plakats do not live well in a community tank. Fins are torn and nipped, some to great extend, and the wounds never got a chance to heal. I had to jar a badly injured female plakat with the whole dorsal fin ripped off from its body.

Feeding them heavily helps a little, but once they get hungry, they (female) start getting very aggressive again. I will try to add some live plants in to create more hiding places for the less aggressive females and see if it helps to ease some of the fighting. I am seriously considering jarring most of the female but space is really limited.

So far I've sold 10 fry, Dad and Sis had adopted 7 in total. I've managed to jar 42 fry which leaves 49 in the community tank. From the picture above you will notice that bottom left of the shelf holds a covered tank. That's the new home of the badly injured female I had mentioned earlier. Covering a tank up does help speed up the healing process. I had a badly injured male covered up and its fins grew back (not fully recovered but very vast difference from the day it was jarred) in 2 days. Its counterparts did not heal as well in that 2 days and has not fully recovered since being jarred a week ago. Thicker Ketapang and salt solution is recommended for healing damaged fins.

Jarring the fry allow them to develop to their true potential. This is one of my favorite male fry. Believe it or not, from my reviews this is actually a tri-ban butterfly betta. Very sought after, very rare, talk about beginner's luck. But fry at this age undergoes many changes, so I'm hoping and praying that the white band stays white, the black stays black and the blue stays blue.

This is another of my champion. It has the whole package, body, finnage and color. The flash from the camera destroyed the color of this fry. When viewed with aquarium light, it is actually blue. Noticed how stout and short the body is and how even the fins are when he flares. As long as it starts in this proportion when it grows, this is one fry worth breeding my F2 generation from.

The previous champion of my week 8 post has not grown ideally. Its fin has grown so huge that it is no longer proportional to its body. Notice how huge its dorsal fin is even when not flaring. I'm not able to take a good photo of it as it was sleeping and unwilling to flare, talk about star arrogance.


Anonymous said...

goodafter noon sir/mam...i have 14 males and 8 males and im an aspiring breeder,, please tell me where or how much u spent on those nice uniformly designed betta tanks...coz as of now my bettas are in a sort of plastic containers that are 1 gal each and i like the lay out of your bettas sir/mam...

Rav Tan said...

You can send me an email to and I can let you know the cost =)