Monday, March 3, 2008

Tubifex Worms

Anyone who has been to a traditional LFS will come across a tray full of worms. Until now, I've always called them bloodworms. When I was a kid, I would hop into a LFS and shout out, "Uncle! Blood worms 20 cent" and uncle will scoop out 20 cents worth of worms for me.

But these worms are not called bloodworms, they're called Tubifex Worms. Cool name for something that has exist for a long long time in my memories. So now that I'm no longer a kid, and I've lost my cute voice and dopey eyes, uncles will no longer sell them to me for 20 cents.

Checking around with a few LFS has confirm that each package will set you back 50 cents. Want a worm holder? Another 50 to 70 cents. 50 cents is plenty of worms! Enough to feed all the fishes in my block for a day or two. The header picture is 50 cents worth of worms.

Arofanatics's forum has a discussion on how to keep these worms alive. Found it pretty useful. When I was a kid, the worms will die on me within 24 hours. After following their tips, using aged de-chlorinated water with Ketapang extract. I've managed to keep most of them alive for 48 hours now.

Much controversies surrounds the feeding of tubifex worms. Many say they feed on waste products thus carries harmful bacterias and parasites. But if any of you have eaten cockles before, you'll know how delicious those shell fishes are. All fishes I've kept LOVED tubifex worms. My current pair of betta love them so much that they're having bellies like their fry. Even the fry find them irresistible.

The worms are as big, if not bigger than the 3 and a half week old fry. Till now the fry has been eating gulp-sized food like microworms and baby brine shrimps. This is the first time they encounter something that requires them to "chew".

Man, these tubifex worms must be delicious. Clearly the worms are as big as the fry but the fry can't help taking bites at them. At first, most of the fry tried to swallow the worms whole. Bad choice, I got a shock when I see one of the fry had a worm coming out from its mouth and gills. Well the worm escape and he's fine.

Then suddenly it became clear to them that they had to bite. So now there they are, not quite strong enough to chew through the worms, but strong enough to lift the worms up and swim around with them, trying with all their might to tear the worms up. Some of the larger ones eventually chew through the worms, allowing the smaller ones to pick up the scrapes.

Well I guess although your fry will most likely have tons of fun playing with their food. It's still too early for them at 3 and a half week to have tubifex worms as a good source of food. Will try again when they 5 weeks old.

Here's a video on how the tubifex worms behave. Just so you know what you're getting yourself into. (Yes, they are creepy and they react to you!)

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Anonymous said...

hi. nice site. can you tell me how we can keep the tubifex for a long time. do we have to change water often and the what is the best water level for tubifex. thanks