Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How much space is used in breeding betta

So you wanna try your hands at breeding betta a? It's gonna be fun, I assure you. But you would first need to set aside around 8 meter square for your little hobby (possibly more when you start jarring your fry up). Bear in mind that area needs to be free of human traffic to prevent accidents cause you will have lots of bits and pieces filled with water lying around that 8 meter square.

Now behold what's I'm about to show you. These are all the stuff cramped into the 8 meter square.

As you can see, that's a lot of stuff in my cosy little corner. I can't remember how many near misses I had with brine shrimps hatcheries and bottles of aging water during water changes (you tend to focus so much on not siphoning up the fry you forgot you're in the danger zone).

I use a huge container to store the strong smelling microworms. In it are all the miscellaneous stuff which I don't use that often. For my aquarium salt and de-dechlorinate I store them in a little tool box.

Currently I've 10 bottles of aging water. So I can change up to 15 liters a day. As you can imagine by now, once the fry are jarred, I'd need a lot more aged water. Still thinking of a solution for that, filling up 10 bottles everyday is a pain in the ass, not to forgot I have to measure the amount of de-chlorinate for every single bottle. And honestly, I can't think of a any better solution. So if you have one, kindly post a comment for me.

Since we're at the topic of bottles, let me say a little about it. I used to throw away all the bottles I use. Now every 1.5 liter soft drink bottle is a keeper. So if you have a wife that hates all things plastic, think twice about your plans. Cause before you know if, you'll be drinking soft drinks every day just for the bottle.

Now that the fry are close to 4 weeks old, it should be another 2 to 4 more weeks before I need to jar them up. The fry are already starting to nip each other, nothing serious, it's more like a playful nip than a "lim peh ho lei si" nip. I intend to shift a book shelf from my room to mange the space. Hopefully my mother will not scream too much. *crosses fingers*

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