Monday, March 31, 2008

Bedok Local Fish Shop (LFS) Singapore

So I've been running around LFS in the Bedok area and I'm glad to say that most LFS are friendly. But of course not all LFS are equal, there are some I like and there are others that I like better. Lets start with the ones I like first and slowly move down the line from there.

Darwin Aquarium
Blk 84 Bedok Nth St 4 #01-07, Singapore 460084

To be 100% honest with you, my relationship with Darwin Aquarium is a love-hate one. Their motto is "Cheap till you laugh", and yes, pricing at Darwin Aquarium is indeed reasonable. I enjoy going down to Darwin Aquarium, Steven's customer service is the best of ANY LFS I've been to in Bedok. But sometimes he gets so carried away, hoping to give a good deal to his customer that misunderstanding occurs.
Let me build the background a little. Steven is the man when it comes to serving the customer. He speaks more than 3 languages fluently, English, Chinese and Hokkien and is very helpful in sourcing for a customer desired product no matter how inexpensive it is, When he is around, he make sure you get your stuff FAST.

My first purchase with Darwin Aquarium was Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Bloodworms. But I did not ask for Bloodworms, I asked for Frozen Tubifex Worms. Steven said they carry Made In China Hikari Tubifex; $12.50 for a big pack of 12. That's about $1 per pack which is indeed at the low pricing side of things. But since I've never seen Hikari Frozen Tubifex worms before and the packaging was in Japanese, I only realized that it was bloodworms when I fed them to the fry. Well I believe that if I took the pack down for an exchange, they would gladly do it for me but I decided to keep it as bloodworms are better choice of food for the fry.

My second purchase happened today. I asked if they carried 0.5 gallon betta tank (4"*5"*6"). They don't, so steady Steven immediately called his supplier, quote me $9 each, we deal at $4.50 per tank (I order 20 tanks and paid a deposit for the order). In the evening he called to inform me his supplier don't carry the plastic tank anymore but they had the glass one at $6.50 which he is willing to go down to $6. Out of impulse (and the fact that I've already paid a 60% deposit) I agreed to it but ordered 15 tanks instead of 20.

Giving them the benefits of doubt, their customer service is commendable. Their customer service is good, price is reasonable and store well store. They are the benchmark LFS in Bedok so do make a trip down for your aquarium needs.

Customer Service: 4/5
Pricing: 4/5
Stock: 4/5
Overall: 12/15
Note: Buy in bulk and the price will go lower.

Tanjong Katong Pet & Aquarium Center
BLK 84 Bedok North St 4 #01-03 Singapore 460084

I have not bought anything from TKPAC yet. But they carry the cheapest 1 gallon and 0.5 gallon tank in Bedok. One thing I like is the fact that when I asked them if they carry live tubifex worms, they don't but the lady boss pointed me to a small LFS behind 85 market. 1 bonus point for that! Today when I ask for a quote on the 0.5 gallon tank (4"*5"*6"), the male boss refused to bring the price down even though I mention I will order around 10-20 from him. But he promised to order 10 tanks in without any deposit, so now I kinda regret not canceling my order from DA and getting the cheaper one from TKPAC (I tried to comfort myself cause I prefer glass tank). Anyway if you are looking for tanks, this is the place to go.

Customer Service: 3.8/5
Pricing: 4/5
Stock: 3/5
Overall: 10.8/15
Note: Cheapest Betta Tanks you can get in Bedok; $6 for 1 gallon, $5 for 0.5 gallon

Small Little Fish Hut
Unknown, Behind BLK 85 Market. Only 1 lady boss runs the hut

Do not expect to get much customer service at this hut. But do not get offended by the way the lady boss talks or the way she runs her little fish hut (bettas are not kept in the most humane way). This is the place I come when I need Live Tubifex worms. I had no problem with her live worms and she gives A LOT of worms for 50 cent. I would say what she give for 50 cents is more than what you get for $1 at other LFS. The moment you start getting stuff from her, the lady boss opens up and you can try starting a little chat. If you don't have to buy in bulk, this is the shop to come to get CHEAP anti-chlorine, aquarium salt and most likely some other supplies. The processed food there are questionable so buy at your own risk, I did...

Customer Service: 1/5
Pricing: 5/5
Stock: 3/5
Overall: 9/15
Note: Cheap supplies, recommanded source of Live Tubifex Worms

There are a few more commendable LFS which I will update in the coming days. So stay tune.


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