Wednesday, March 19, 2008

6 weeks old betta fry

Now they look more like baby Siamese fighting fishes than fry! You can even see them flaring their gills. Coloration of their fins are getting darker and stronger everyday.

And they eat a lot. They easily eat 2 capsules of Hikari Frozen Bloodworms every feeding. I control their diet by feeding them no more than 4 capsules of bloodworms a day, rest of the time I'll feed them OceanFree SuperBetta flakes. Amazing they started to have a liking for the flakes at week 5 and a half, maybe they got sick of eating protein rich worms.

There are some fry that are showing good potential, full royal blue in color and good finnage. There are others with red wash. But it's still too early to tell, these fry goes through so much chances so quickly.

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