Thursday, March 13, 2008

5 Weeks Old Fry

They seemed to be exploding, in growth that is. Now most of them are the size of neon tetra and the size disparity is showing. As seen in the photo above, some are almost three times bigger than the smallest one. And there is only one tiny one in the tank right now, he's there in the picture see if you can find him.

Since yesterday I noticed coloration of the fins. Especially the anal fin. The pattern follows the butterfly pattern of bettas. Reddish near the body before fading into a light blue tone at the end. Picture doesn't really show the color, but if you look real close you might see it.

They've stop eating microworms, not because I'm not feeding them, but because they choose to ignore microworms completely. This happened a day after I introduced tubixfex worms to them. During the fourth and a half week, I stop my brine shrimps hatchery as the fry has outgrown them, the BBS are like snacks for them. Now all that's on their minds are tubixfex worms.

Week 3.5, I wear down 50 cents worth of tubifex worms in a week. Week 4, 4 days. Now that they're at week 5, my 50 cent worth of worms that I bought yesterday evening are half gone. These fry are mean eating machine. For the first time in my life, I'm finishing my tubifex worms and asking for second.

Although they're eating tubifex worms like rice now, I'm training them to feed on processed food. They do alright with frozen mysis shirmps, picky eaters, they eat only eat the body and leave the head of the shrimp alone, well at least they're eating it, don't want them to choke on their food anyway.

Flake food, they take a bite, spit it out, take another, spit it out and leave. A little off topic, have you noticed that bettas will take 2 bites at something to decide if they're gonna eat it? Not one, not three, just two bites! If they don't like it in two bites, they'll spit it out and leave.

Just a tip on training them to eat process food. Feed them new food when they're at their hungriest, which is their breakfast. Or first meal of the day. Don't bother trying it at other time of the day as they'll most likely leave it alone.

Well tubifex worms are good for fast growth, but the amount of waste they produce is crazy! The picture above is taken an hour after water change, do take note that I siphon all poo out.

24 hours later....... The picture says it all. Not only are they growing fast, they're pooing fast too! Tubifex worms produce a lot of waste, you have been warned.

Since we're at the topic of poo, one disturbing scene I've seen these few days of feeding them tubifex worms is that some of the fry are actually pooing out LIVE WORMS! Yes you got it right, LIVE WORMS! Most likely the fry's digestive system is still not fully developed.

Although it's not exactly rare, it isn't common either. You get to see this live footage like once every two days? The weird thing is, while they are pooing out live worms, they are still gobbling up more worms. So i guess it's fine, it's just a growing up thing. Anyway you have been warned again about tubifex worms.

O yes and by the way, since I've stop hatching brine shrimp eggs, I hooked up an air stone to the pump and tune it down with an air gauge to circulate the water. The water surface is full of mucus, labyrinth? Maybe...


jxlee1 said...

hi, u have an intesting blog .
i am a singaporean who is also just as interested in fish =x
how old are you?

Rav Tan said...

Hi JxLee,
Thanks for the compliment, glad we share the same interest.
You can get more information at the "About Me" post.
Once again thanks for the support!