Thursday, February 21, 2008

When do betta fry develop labyrinth?

2 weeks old and history is repeating itself. Remember I said fry floating at the top of the surface is bad. Well that's what they (in fact all of them) are doing now... AGAIN!

I've been careful not to overfeed and doing regular water changes. The water is at it's clearest, there is no foul smell (even the scum I siphon from the bottom of the tank doesn't smell very foul).

It was all fun and joy yesterday, they were idling at the bottom. For their dinner I feed them microworms mixed with a little sera micron powdered fry food. The processed food floated at the surface. After 15 mins, it seems that all the fry floated to the surface. I assume they liked the processed food and didn't thought much of it.

When I woke up, there they were still at the top. So I got worried and started siphoning the water surface for unfinished food and siphoned the bottom scum. Nothing happened, they're still floating at the surface. They'll stay there, some will dive down to feed and then dart back up to the surface. Is history going to repeat itself again?

So I thought maybe they are developing their labyrinth, checked around the internet and found that no one was sure when betta fry develop labyrinth. So I did some "only the good stuff" reading and found that some breeders agree that the fry will develop labyrinth when they reach 2-3 weeks old. But they spoke nothing of them floating at the surface.

All I can do now is to cover the tank, do more water changes and hope that they are developing their labyrinth. Comments on what's happening will be nice at this moment of time.

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