Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The pair meets

For the first time in my life, I've introduce a male betta to a female one in an attempt to breed the pair. Pretty exciting stuff.

First i introduce the male into the breeding tank, letting him acclimate and scout around to familiarize the area. After about 15 mins, I introduce the female into a Ketapang covered holding jar with open ends (basically a 1.5 liter coke bottle cut off at both ends). My intention for doing so is to acclimate the female for 15 mins.

But the male is smart, he spotted the female through an opening in the leaves and begun flaring. I had no choice but to remove the leaves just 5 mins after putting the female in. Boy..., the male is aggressive, he began flaring and striking at her almost immediately, every strike created a "pang pang pang" sound when he hits the jar. I regretted a little for not using a more sturdy holding jar. The light plastic jar wants to topple over with every strike. But on a brighter side, at least it is less damaging to the male as compared to a heavy glass jar.

An hour later the male began building his nest under the foam cup, much to my delight as I've placed it in a good viewing position. The female is showing off her 3 vertical strips, a signal that she isn't stressed out and ready to mate. Throughout the whole episode, the female didn't show any signs of stress aka the horizontal bar. With some luck I'm gonna get to see some action tonight!

This is a video of an Early Courtship of my two Bettas. Just 20 mins into the introduction.

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