Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The pair embraced!

After 22 hours since introduction. The pair embraced and mated. The male was confused at first. Stunning himself most of the time instead of the female. But after around an hour at it, he became very good at it. Every embrace squeezes around 5-10 eggs out of the female.

During the start; he either stunned himself for too long, unable to squeeze any eggs out of the female or can't catch the eggs before the female have her go at them.
After an hour all was normal, my anxiety that the male might be eating the eggs vanish the moment I saw him catching the eggs with his mouth, surface for air and start blowing bubbles/eggs into the nest. Pewh, all is going well.

Once the male is satisfy with his arrangement of the eggs in the nest, he will flare a little, the female will then give him a nudge and they'll embrace. This process has been going on since 11.30am this morning. Two and a half hours have passed and they're still at it. Way to go!

I believe this spawning is a gentle one as the female only suffers from a little nips and rips at her fins.
I'm pretty delighted that they spawned on Chinese New Year's eve. Well enjoy the video :)

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