Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mr and Mrs Plakat

I have no idea why it took me so long to show the pair. Just did a water change for them and the fry, the sun was shining into the room and I decided that it'll be great to take a few pictures of them. So presenting to you, Mr and Mrs Plakat!

I kinda like this picture of Mr Plakat. Notice the different colors from him and the reflection.

This is one of the better pictures I took of Mr Plakat. The thing I love most about him is the solid white tip at the end of his ventral fins.

Another one of the better photos of him flaring.

It was really difficult to take Mrs Plakat photos. She kept darting around. I had to use burst shots to get some good pictures of her.

For a female, she has really nice colors.

Another of the better photo.

I got the pair in Sam Yicks. I really hope that they're not siblings, cause it'll suck to get a F2 or even F3 generation from the both of them. I'm hoping to get F1 fry from them, then I can move on to get F2s, F3s and so on.

Sometimes when I look at them, they looked like siblings, and from another angle they seemed to come from different parents. Any comments anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rav, I'm new in e betta scene... influenced by my colleagues. They keep fishes and have kept a few betta at our workplace. They're starting to grow on me everytine i look at them. Really beautiful creatures. I love e bright colors and elegant form when they flare... so here I am... I wanna ask u a few questions bout bettas... hopefully u can contact me thru email...
Would love to hear from u...