Monday, February 11, 2008

Microworms are good for you

Sometimes too much information is bad for you. My intention was to find the simplest and fuss-free way to breed Betta. So I intended to use hard boiled egg yolk and Sera Micron Fry Food.

So I read around the web and discover that these food, when fed to your newly swimming fry, are for the bacteria that infusoria eat(I believe the ant-like organism I was talking about in my previous post are infusoria) and the fry are not very fond of processed food.

I also found out that if you don't feed anything to the fry during the early stages, about 10% will survive just on infusoria alone.

As a first time breeder, these information got me spooked, so I franticly searched around for the miracle microworms which so many breeders swore upon. Fortunately I got a ready culture, aka ready to harvest and feed, from a local breeder that was living extremely close to me.

When I reached home, I promtly scoop out the microworms from the side, mix it with a little water, and feed it to my hungry fry. THEY LOVE IT!

I started another culture from the culture I purchased. It's always good to have plenty of back-ups.

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