Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Female is Released!

I noticed that the female's mouth is a little injured by constant banging onto the holding jar, making my urge to release her stronger. Then I noticed that her tummy is a lot plumper than this afternoon and she is not afraid of the male anymore. So with fingers crossed, I release her into the tank.

After removing the jar, she seems dazed. The male actually move aside so that she can approach the nest. Upon awaking from her daze, she scouted around the tank and move towards the nest to check it out.

The moment she inspects the tank, the male started flaring at her, wiggling his body. The female returns the gesture but promptly swim away after than. This is when the male nipped and chased her around the tank. Boy are they fast.

Now the female is hiding inside the maze of Ketapang leaves and the male can't seem to find her!! Hopefully she's just taking a nap and will come out to inspect the nest later. I still feel sorry for her broken lips but it would have been worse without the holding jar.

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