Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A fuss-free super effective way of harvesting microworms

Forget about scrapping the sides of the container. Forget about spending 15 minutes smelling yeast. Forget getting your hands dirty with slime. Forget trying to wash off the smell off your hands. What I'm about to introduce to you is gonna revolutionize the way you collect microworms. You are going to collect so much that you're gonna overfeed your fry.

As a first time breeder, I spend a good portion of time scouting the internet, seeking answers to questions. First I discover microworm, then I found them locally, now I had an answer to "There must be an easier way".

This method was discovered from Wayne's Betta Pages, under MICROWORMS A fast collection technique. What you do (and I did), is
  1. Get a paper towel, cut a piece of it to cover about half your culture
  2. Lay it across the top of the culture. A tweezer will come in handy for this operation.
  3. Add some drops of water from a dropper to wet it so that it sticks to the culture.

Now repeat but cut another piece of paper towel smaller than the first one and lay it on top of the first paper towel. Leave the culture alone for about 4-6 hours.

When you need to feed your precious fry, just remove the top piece of paper towel and rinse it in a small container filled with water. You will see so much microworm in the solution that, for some strange reasons, it actually makes you feel happy.

Let the microworm solution sit for 5 minutes or until the worms sink to the bottom. Empty the top of the water, leaving the worms at the bottom. Refill the container with water and let the mixture sit again. Repeat this step until the water is clear (usually it takes me 3 rinse to clear the water). This method will remove most of the yeast from the mixture, it is important that you rinse off the yeast otherwise it will foul the water in the tank very fast.

Reload the culture with another piece of paper towel and you're ready to go again.

  • Lean the first piece of paper towel's edge on the wall to allow easy removal if you need to change it.
  • Fold your second piece of paper towel at the corner and you will find it easier to ply it out during feeding time
  • Actually I used a Macdonald serviette as I ran out of paper tower. Works great too and it's FREE!
  • The larger the container you use to harvest the worms, the lesser you need to rinse it to clear the water.

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Rudy said...

Thanks for this tip. I will try it and when it succeeds for me I will make it a point to spread the idea to many more fish enthusiasts here in Mumbai