Friday, February 8, 2008

Fry Alive!

After the pair spawned, like an anxious dad-to-be, I kept looking under the nest to check the eggs. Bad news is the bubbles and the eggs are so alike (not to forget that the eggs are so tiny), I can't see anything. For the pass 24 hours I was wondering whether my male is an egg eater and had ate all the eggs up.

48 Hours after the pair spawned, I finally confirm that my male is not an egg eater and the fry are alive and "jumping" around within the nest. They will dart below the nest, into the water, before darting back into the nest. Some hyper actually dart all the way to the bottom and daddy gotta pick them up and throw them back into the nest.

The female is recuperating in her own tank. The male got a lot of job to do. He keeps a close watch for wanderers.

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