Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Swimming Fry

3 days after hatching (5 days from the day the betta pair spawned), the fry are finally free swimming. I would say 30% are at the top-side of the tank. 15% are at the bottom. 10% are swimming around the nest and there should be another 45% are still in the nest.

I've removed the daddy by luring him with a freeze dried blood worm and netting him. He seems to go crazy when I put him into his personal tank. Well it's understandable, this caring male betta has been caring for his spawn for 5 days. Fed him a little freeze dried bloodworm, freeze dried brine shrimps, hard-boiled egg yoke. He's now resting, most probably asleep, recuperating from the exhausting 5 days.

I used an industrial shrink-wrap to cover the top of the tank, it's best to keep the environment consistent now. Fed a little Sera Micron Powdered Fry Food and hard-boiled egg yoke to the fry. I noticed micro ant-like organism crawling on the inside of the tank. Hopefully these are the infusoria and hopefully the fry will find them tasty.

The egg yoke and Sera Micron seems to be appetizing to the fry. Many has swam up to the surface and gathered at where the food is. Good that they are eating them. Hope and pray all goes well for my first breeding attempt.

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