Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First time breeder

Ok ok, I'm excited. I've been researching on the web on how best to breed bettas and got tons of information and advice. I would love to stick to traditional methods used by local fish farms, which is basically to throw a male and a female into a dragon pot with ketapang and let nature takes it course but that wouldn't be much fun will it?

I want a 10 gallon tank which I can see what's happening and by some dumb luck I found a discarded 2-footer tank in great condition (from my research a 2-footer is great for breeding)! Deep in my heart, I knew that sooner or later I'm gonna find a discarded tank as Chinese New Year is coming, it's lucky of me to find one at the void deck of my flat.
Great! That's a $60 dollars saving, something which I will need badly once the fry start eating.

I am conditioning the water as I'm writing this entry. I've washed the tank and dried it since Sunday, filled it up with 3.5" of water today and dump an aquatic plant and 4-5 pre-soaked(4 hrs) ketapang leaves. Will have a plastic cup added for the air bubbles nest tomorrow.

Most likely I'm going to introduce the pair tomorrow and set the female loose on New Year's Eve. If all goes well, I'm intending to feed the fry egg yokes and Sera's Micron powered food for fry. EXCITING!

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