Friday, February 8, 2008

Broken fins takes 2 days to heal?

Just cleaned the female's fish tank, I do a 50% water change daily for her, since spawning, to prevent baterical infection. Seems like all her broken fins have healed! I didn't notice this as I left her totally undisturbed and in a thicker than usual ketapang solution.

Broken fins takes just 2 days to heal? I'm impressed. Given the fact that she's not eating as well as the conditioning period as I'm not feeding her favourite mysis shrimps. I'm feeding her betta flakes and Freeze Dried Bloodworm which she promptly spit out after a bite (not a disease as she would gladly keep the mysis shrimps in her stomach).

I have my ways with these type of pampered fish. It just takes time :)

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