Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do not overfeed

I kept a day of silence for 150 dead fry. Remember the layer of cloud I was talking about the other day. Well I underestimated it, it's more deadly than it looks. It seemed that this episode was caused by me; overfeeding the fry with the super effective microworms harvesting technique. The uneaten food caused (what I believe is) a bacteria bloom that causes the water to look cloudly.

On the night of 14 Feb, I started seeing fry dropping dead. By midnight at least 50 had died. I was in a dilemma on whether to change the water as most articles advised not to touch the water for at least 2 weeks.

If I change the water, fry will die, if I don't, fry will die. By 2am I decided do a 80% water change. With a clip attached to the siphon tube, I started siphoning waste from the bottom. Remember I feed them egg yolk? The water I siphon out is the most foul smelling aquarium water I've ever came across. It smelled like rotten eggs with a touch of very old aquarium water.

I dripped salted-conditioned water into the tank to about 7 inches height. Yesterday morning I saw around 50-80 dead fry at the bottom of the tank, the cloud cover was still there. Went to PetsMart and got Ocean Free Super Crystal Clear, Ocean Free Super External Bateria & Fungus Away and an Imperial F-Mini Submersible Filter (220 Liter/Hour).

Upon reaching home, I added Crystal Clear into the tank. It's supposed to clear the tank within a day. Next I ran-in the filter in another tank. When I plugged it in, despite getting the smallest filter in the shop, it was still too strong. So what I did was to get a 500ml soft-drink bottle, drilled a hole at the cup to fit into the pump and cut off the bottom of the bottle before stuffing it with filter wool. Attach the improvised filter into the inlet and cap the outlet with some wool and you will get a nice gentle filter that doesn't create a whirlpool in your tank.

Without going into details and boring you, to understand why a bigger filter will create a more gentle suction, imagine this. You have a hose attached to a running tap. You pinch the hose at the end and the water goes further, you release the pinch and the water drops. Same logic applies to here.

The death count this morning was around 10-20. The water has cleared up a little from the help of both crystal clear and the filter. I added Super External Bateria & Fungus Away just in case it's a fungus attack (dead fry seemed very mouldy). This medication will tint your aquarium to lime green.

The water condition seems to be much better now. The fry are much livelier and they are now willing to stay at the bottom of the tank, feeding on the microworm. From now on I'm going to do 20% water changes every 2 days.

Total fry count starts at around 250 now.

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