Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bedok Local Fish Store (LFS)

Since I'm living in Bedok, it's only natural that I scout around my area for supplies. It's been 10 years since I've kept any fishes, so it's pretty amazing to see so much high-tech stuff that are available to hobbyist today.

Lets start with food. In the old days, you can choose from pellets, flakes (considered high tech at that time) and live food; mainly blood worms and home breed mosquitoes larva.
Today you can get specialize betta pellets, flakes, freeze dried blood worms, frozen blood worms, live blood worms, freeze dried brine shrimps, frozen brine shrimps, live brine shrimps, freeze dried baby brine shrimps, frozen baby brine shrimps, live baby brine shrimps, frozen mysis shrimps; the list just goes on and on and on.

Nowadays, it's considered unwise to keep bettas in holicks jars. But fear not, you can get nice 18x13x16 (cm) tanks by OceanFree. These 3 litres (1 gallon) tanks are pretty popular for isolating aggressive males as it's big enough for the fishes and small enough for the owners. The price is pretty reasonable too, if you know where to scout for them.

Two commendable LFS that I found are:
  • Petsmart - Blk 746 Bedok Reservoir Rd #01-3003 S(470746)
  • Sam Yick - Blk 82 Marine Parade Central #01-606/608/610 S(440082)
Lets start with Petsmart @ Bedok Reservoir Rd.
The male betta selection at Petsmart is not adequate, when I visited them, there were only 5-10 male show bettas for sale at $8 each. But there were at least 50 females for sales at 80 cents each. So if you intend to get a mate for your male, you know where you can visit.
The lady boss is extremely friendly, polite, patient and helpful. She even round down my purchase of $8.10. She is also willing to listen to your questions and respond with sound advices.
Though I would have wish for more selection at Petsmart, the items at Petsmart are very affordable. These are the price list of items which I've bought or took note of:
  • OceanFree 18x13x16 (cm) tank - $12 w/ decoration, $11 w/o deco
  • Unbranded 18x13x18 tank - $9
  • 2 meter air-line - $0.50 per meter
  • Small Net - $1
  • OceanFree SuperBetta Food Flakes - $3.90
  • Frozen Mysis Shrimps - $2.10
  • Aquatic Plants - $1.50 each
  • Male Show Betta - $8
  • Female Betta - $0.80
Petsmart is my prefered LFS basically because of the excellent customer service provided.

Now lets move on to Sam Yick.
I bought both my bettas from Sam Yick; a male at $3 and a female at $5. Sam Yick is the only shop that I found to carry "wild" betta. The female is very pricy imho but both bettas are very healthy without a rip in their fins so I would say I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
Although most of the male bettas at Sam Yick are reasonably priced, their food and accessories are on the high range, but they offered the most selection of processed fish food of any LFS I've visited. The price list is as followed:
  • Male Betta - $3~$30 (Do ask the assistant if there are more bettas at the back of the shop)
  • Female Betta - $3 and $5
  • Today's Freeze Dried Blood Worms - $4.70
  • Sera Micron Powdered Fry Food - $6.20
  • Liquid Fry Food - Around $8+
  • Aquatic Plants - from $3
  • OceanFree 18x13x16 tank - $16+
If I want to scout for "wild" betta, Sam Yick will be the first place I visit. When I need to find hard to get fry food, I will check Sam Yick out first. The customer service at Sam Yick is alright, I feel an air of commercialization every time I step into the store. I prefer a more homely customer service. To make up for their high-priced items, Sam Yick stores the most comprehensive betta selection, fish food and accessories of all the LFS I've visited.

I hope this post helps for new hobbyist looking for a reputable LFS to get their accessories and bettas.

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Parag Wankhede said...

Bro, i did not see petmart at Blk 746 Bedok Reservoir Rd, instead i saw Han zi pet shop there. If you can please let me know if the shop has shifted.