Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adding water to fry tank

Yes I pledge guilty. I overfed my fry. Now there's a layer of cloud suspended in the tank (with tons of infusoria or are they bacteria?). I'll assume that they're yeast from the microworms I'm feeding them with.

Being partial educated, I put some thought into it and found it silly and a possible death sentence to the fry if I were to siphon water from the tank with it's current water level (5 inches tall). The obvious solution to this is to add aged/conditioned water to the tank. But then it'll be another death sentence if water is added too fast. From my research, fry are super sensitive to temperature changes in the water.

So I took a 1.5 liter of aged/conditioned water and "drip" it into the tank. What I did was the good old siphon method but attached a clip to control the flow of water. The flow was allowed to become a mini waterfall by sliding down the wall of the tank.

The above picture was taken 2 days ago, I have to be responsible in my posting and make sure my fry are well and safe before posting this method. And yes they are well and safe. No massacre noticed.

I will keep doing this in 2 days interval until the water level reaches above 1/2 tank before siphoning the dirt out and I will limit the amount siphon to 1.5 liter each time. Then I'll wait 2 days again before adding water and wait 2 days again before siphoning.

Hopefully that will clear the cloud.

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