Tuesday, February 5, 2008

9 Hours into the date

The male got a nice bubble nest under the cup; slightly more than half a cup length and towering about 1cm above the water line. Both Bettas seems pretty exhausted. I'm wondering if I should release the female now. Hmmmm.. Should I?

Right now the male is paying more attention to the nest, building and moving bubbles. Then he'll take a look at the female, flare at her and return to his nest, hoping she will follow. Repeat this process for maybe a hundred thousand times.

The female seems to understand the male can't hurt her behind the holding jar. She is in fact taking naps when the male is building his nest, when she sense the male coming at her, she will flare a little and move away before dozing off again.

This is a video 9 hours into the date. A little dark due to the lighting.

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