Thursday, February 7, 2008

12 hours after end of spawning

The spawning started at around 11.30am and ended at around 2.45pm; a total of 3 hours and 15 mins. The female swam till the right corner of the tank and basically just stayed there. The male attended to his nest for a while before he went looking for the female, strike and chased her around the tank.

From my research, bettas will usually spawn for around 3 hours. To avoid unnecessary injuries and stress to the female, I net her up and transferred her to her original 1 gallon tank. Her lips seems cloudy, I hope it's not a bacterial infection. Let her rested for about 2 hours before feeding her some freeze dried bloodworms and frozen Mysis shrimps.

The male is tending to his nest, occasionally scouting around the tank. I got a shock at around 12am when I notice a hole in part of his nest. I think he might have eaten some of the eggs. It's really hard to differentiate between the eggs and the bubbles. I think a good amount of eggs is stored in another part of his nest. Hopefully I'm right. Well, I'll know the results in about another 24 hours.

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