Thursday, May 1, 2008

12 Weeks Old Betta Fry

Week 12, they're all grown up. Not yet the size of their father but almost close to the size of their mom. At 3 months old they can be considered as adult cause they should be able to start mating in around 3.5 months old which is in 2 weeks time. Not much changes from week 11 to week 12, just to show you what size they're currently at now, I took a picture of a fry (left) and the mom (right).

Quite an experience for me, breeding Betta is fun hard work. I would say the first 4 weeks is the most exciting, the next 4 most interesting and the last 4 weeks the most tedious (and to be 100% honest a little bored too).

The first 4 weeks keeps you on the edge, lots of feeding, lots of anxiety , wondering if the fry are going to survive. The next 4 week keeps you guessing, what are they going to turn out as? And the last 4 are just plain tedious, lots of jarring, lots of cleaning, lots of asking "Hey do you want some Bettas?". I guess that's the most frustrating thing about breeding Betta, you are only able to provide care for this much fishes, having more than you can handle really puts a toll.

Anyway I took a few photos of my favorite one, the butterfly of course. He is one lazy fish, doesn't bother to flare, just sits in his tank the whole day acting handsome.

Now his brother that reside beside him has much much more character. What he lacks in pattern, he makes up in aggressiveness. A very enthusiastic flarer. A pity his butterfly outline isn't ideal at all.

Now I'm glad to bring good news, all 3 of fry which suffered from fungus made it through. They have recovered from the fungus attack and are now growing their finnage back. 2 males and 1 female butterfly. What a great relief, this whole spawn only yielded 1 butterfly female, so you understand my anxiety when she became sick.

Now week 12 brings the end of my F1 spawn coverage. Thank you for your support and advice since the beginning of this blog. Stay tune for my F2 spawn which is tentatively scheduled mid June or until my fish-at-hand reduce to less than 10, which ever come sooner. From now till then I'll be sharing my experiences, mistake learned, tips, guides and random stuff that comes up. Once again thank you, hope you've enjoyed this coverage.

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